Call fishing like as your aim in life, change your life with fishing

That’s a short story to tell everyone, listen or follow.
Once upon a time, two people went to travel and enjoy full time with nature. They focus on their work. They have nature, they can do anything without afraid.
They listen from their dad, fishing can be your friend if you want like as your aim in life.Then, create a connection with their mind and go to ready for a new decision.
They buy fishing reels, rods, kayak etc what are they need for fishing. They go to the lake and make a house beside the lake.Then they started their survival season with fishing and do it as their aim in life.
1-30 days end, they grew up their experience with fishing, failing many times but never give up.Two categories also here in the world, someone does for own and someone does for every people.
Both of doing for someone. They use this their own and other facilities. Caught fish, sell in the market and earn money.
Money gives them happy. 
Many days later, they own a house and a lake. They make a good relationship between them.
Magically subject right now,They married. Thinks, women power and men hands were too strong to success in their work.
They create a market in the marketplace and sells fishing items and fish.
Right now, people caught fish as their worker and sell in the market and gives them money with the salary.Now, they are the owner of three big restaurants and big marketplace.Their names Jony and Jessy from Canadian family.
Say, Are they greedy? No, they choose their perfection in life.
They use it in different ways and earning money and respect with hard-work.
Moral of the story, If you want to go to do something in your life, then you can choose fishing without any doubt.
Fishing will never hurt you, it’s like your baby. You can go fishing with your passion and use your brain with smartly.
I don’t want to say you make money with this, I want to say you-you can do this with enjoyment.
Many people live the world as their theory, not others theory; they interested in other works to judge positively or negatively but they did one thing different from there; it’s passion. Passion can give you a talented performance in your life.
Want to be a doctor? Good, you can. Want to be a lawyer? Good, you can.
Actually, you can do anything with your own mind.
But both on categories people need demand to fulfil their wish.
A fisherman never has a good mind to read another mind.
Fishing is the best choice for anyone. Take it as a profession or part-time.
It will give you enjoyment.
Around the world, 85% of people interested in or loves fishing. Per area, 30-40 people take it as their profession. Many people take it their passion. Others do fishing like a festival day.
Someone tells, 
“Fishing is not fishing, it’s called feeling to know about fish and river. If you understand what they need, you will win the world so easily”
“80% of people like fishing as their profession but 100% of people like fishing as them dream”
“You do not know ‘how to go fishing’ but you will show your interest in this how to do this, that means you are the first category learner”
“Show off! It’ not fishing language. Fishing language is how much deep idea you can generate from others”
“Everyone is a fisherman from born, you can’t say it’s wrong; you need to prove this from your category, but I say without a doubt an example per man is a fisherman”
“Fishing is a tool of the world passion to know about God creature”
“Emotion can be good for your formula, but this emotion you can add with your work”
“You can do, go, read, but one lesson you need to read about fishing”
“Status is a status, not a mind, but fishing is a mind to read your emotion and strength”
“Rich is an apartment not building, but fishing is a building from your mind”
We will not force you, but we can give a guarantee for fishing.
Happy life with your fishing. Read more and think more.

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