Lowrance Hook 7 Review – Complete buyer’s guide

Lowrance Hook 7 ReviewThe lowrance Hook 7 is an all-in-one featured fish finder and GPS unit made by one of the more recognizable names in the industry, Lowrance. This unit features the best tech from Lowrance fish finder units and combines them into one useful, user-friendly package for any fisherman out on the water. Best of all it comes in at an attractive price, making it a great value.

These essential features built into the lowrance Hook 7 maximize each moment you spend on the water whether on woodsy creeks, lakes, or when fishing offshore. If you are looking to step up and combine electronics for whatever watercraft you may have, take a closer look at this unit.

lowrance Hook 7 Review

Lowrance Hook 7 ReviewHybrid dual-imaging includes CHIRP and down imaging technology

Built-in 16-channel GPS with detailed US map and optional upgrades

2D sonar and downscan tech with a big display for clear images

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Hybrid Dual Imaging allows:

The user to look at a mixture image of CHIRP and Downscan technologies to urge the simplest of both worlds in one image. The unit also offers a split-screen option for up to 3 different simultaneous viewing windows, giving the user plenty of input in one quick glance of the unit.

Basemap charts:

Basemap charts are included during this unit. While this isn’t a full-fledged, high-resolution topographic map system, it provides you with a spread of fairly navigable maps and provides you with maps to point your approximate location. it’ll set your mind comfortable to understand you’ll have a minimum of a basic map wherever you’ll go. However, upgrading to higher definition maps is suggested if you’re counting on the unit for navigation.

The Integrated 16-Channel GPS:

It provides users with a fully-functioning GPS unit built into their fish finder.With this feature comes the power to get down waypoints and tracks to mark important spots and see where you’ve got been. The unit is additionally compatible with the Insight Genesis map. this enables you to link maps on your fish
finder GPS and smartphone. you’ll modify and upload maps from your smartphone onto your unit. With the integrated Basemap charts, you’ll even have an honest visual idea of where you’re on the included maps, which may even be upgraded.

2D Chirp and Downscan:

2D Chirp and Downscan technology gives anglers multiple high definition viewing options of the water column below them. The transom mount transducer can relay images to the screen on either or both viewing technologies. The 2D Chirp setting is touted as being one among the simplest for selecting out fish with excellent separation and may read quite a depth of 1,000 feet below. The Downscan setting allows for photo-like clarity of structure and benthic features below the boat. The Downscan doesn’t quite have the fish reading ability of the Chirp technology but offers good object clarity right down to 300 feet. Thankfully this unit has both.


Unit speed: 

Unit speed and refresh times are reported by some users to be slow and lagging sometimes. They report delays in a number of the unit’s functions and an issue providing proper GPS positions at higher boat speeds.

Basemap charts:

Basemap charts though nice to possess, providing a good sort of maps, don’t offer the acute detail some users may invite. These included maps offer minimal detail within the sort of precise navigation by GPS and accurate viewing maps. for a few anglers, they’ll got to upgrade to higher definition maps for a few of their more regular fishing areas.

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Main Features:

The lowrance Hook 7 is Designed to be an all-in-one electronic unit for your watercraft, the Hook 7 by Lowrance delivers a bundle of great features sought out by anglers. the colorful 7-inch display may be a great size compromise to form it fit seamlessly on a good sort of watercraft. The affordable fish finder unit is complete with the coveted CHIRP Sonar and DownScan technology to supply you with a crisp and total view of the water underneath your feet.

Additionally, with the Hybrid Dual imaging technology, you’ve got the choice of overlaying the 2 sonar systems onto one screen to urge the simplest of both worlds, allowing you to look at the water below you in an optimal way. Users even have the choice of a multi-window display which allows for up to 3 different viewing screens. An example might be one screen for Downscan, another for CHIRP sonar, and therefore the third for GPS navigation.

The Hook-7 features enhanced sonar sensitivity and excellent target separation to assist in identifying fish targets, structures, cover, depth, and bottom composition. With built-in GPS features, marking and returning to favorite fishing spots and travel paths may be a walk in the park.

What is the Lowrance Hook 7 Best for?

This Lowrance hook 7  unit is geared toward someone trying to find an all-purpose electronic unit to hard-wire onto their fishing smack. With a full-featured GPS, CHIRP, and Dowscan technology, this will be an all-in-one electronic unit for your fishing smack.

While the unit comes complete with fully-downloaded Basemaps, they’ll not be ideal if you depend upon the GPS for navigation. Some users report limited precision with the quality maps. For those wanting to depend upon the GPS navigation, you’ll be best off downloading additional, higher resolution maps.

With both Downscan and CHIRP sonar, it gives users the power to obviously see tons of features underwater. The unit is additionally capable of over-laying the 2 images or splitting them across three separate displays on the screen.

For those curious about syncing their boat electronics with their smartphone, the Genesis Insight app allows such. this enables you to download and modify maps on your phone then transfer them to your GPS unit. At a nice, compact, yet easy to ascertain size, this might be an excellent unit for almost any boat, even a little Jon boat, canoe, or v-hull. This unit gives users high-quality watercraft electronics at a beautiful price

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The bottom line is that this unit is filled with features at a really affordable price for many anglers. rather than having multiple electronic units on your boat each with different jobs, why not combine it all into one unit? With the Hook 7 by Lowrance, you’ve got a full-featured fish finder, bottom surface scanner, and GPS in one compact two-pound unit.

With this lowrance hook 7 units, you’ve got the simplest of both worlds in viewing both fish and underwater structure with excellent compromise in precision and display. If you’re trying to find your first boat electronics unit or simply looking to consolidate your electronics into one versatile unit, the Hook 7 has proven itself to be an honest value for the worth.

This incredible fish finder has combined the advantages of Chirp sonar and a Down scan sonar system. meaning, d double sonar systems are utilized in this device, which provides you the foremost clear and competitive view of the under-water area.

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