Penn Spinfisher Vi Review And Buying Guide

The Penn Spinfisher VI is the 6th generation of this classic spinning reel from Penn. The Penn Spinfisher VI ranges in size from 2500 as far as possible up to 10,500, giving you an extraordinary determination of sizes relying upon what you’re focusing on. The 2500 size is the most up to date expansion to the Penn Spinfisher family. As of not long ago, the 3500 has been the littlest size accessible, yet because of popularity for a little choice, you’ve currently got the 2500 which is amazing for inshore species, for example, spotted trout. Alongside the entirety of your normal sizes, the Penn Spinfisher VI is likewise accessible in various sub-series as well. They have since quite a while ago cast reels and live liners to look over in changing sizes too. All sizes and models include a metal body and side plate. To increase its durability of the Penn Spinfisher VI, they’ve presented new CNC gear innovation made of aluminum and metal, contingent upon what size you’re taking a gander at – more on this later. 

Another improvement that has been made on the Penn Spinfisher reel is the IPX5 fixed framework. This English assurance rating decides how well the reel is fixed. This norm of fixing implies that you can splash your reel down in the wake of a monotonous day of fishing without gambling sand and salt getting worked into the reel. In reality, it additionally implies that if you happen to get hammered by a wave when fishing from the seashore or your kayak, you don’t need to be stressed over demolishing your reel by getting salt and sand worked into the riggings.In this post we will talk about penn spinfisher vi review.

Penn Spinfisher Vi Review And Buying Guide

penn spinfisher vi reviewFirst of all let me clear you one thing in penn spinfisher vi review we will be not be able to talk about all penn spinfisher vi model we will talk some specific models for more FAQ or knowledge you can visit amazon type the name and click on all models and choose your desire models to know more about it.

IPX5 Sealed body and spool structure: Like we referenced quickly over, this is an improvement to the seal of the Penn Spinfisher reel body. It implies that you can shower your reel down with a hose toward the day’s end or let it get splashed with salt water and the IPX5 seal will forestall any salt, sand or trash from getting into the apparatuses making your reel rust and seize up after some time.

CNC Gear™ technology: The machined primary rigging that is included in the Penn Spinfisher VI is a noteworthy improvement for this line of reels. Not exclusively is the rigging framework progressively exact in It’s assembling however it is additionally greased up better. At the point when you pick your reel size, you additionally figure out what your riggings are produced using. While both metal and aluminum are astounding materials that make a smooth rigging framework that will hold up significantly under huge tension, Penn has picked to utilize metal apparatuses on the 6500 or more models for the additional quality and toughness.

HT-100™ drag washers made of carbon fiber: The totally fixed spool ensures the carbon fiber drag washers on the Penn Spinfisher VI. This gives you the halting force you have to get huge saltwater fish with no opposition at all. The HT-100 material is demonstrated in past models to confront the trial of time and make a smooth drag.

5+1 tempered steel sealed ball bearing system: The 5+1 tempered steel sealed ball bearing system is kept cozily inside the body of the Penn Spinfisher VI reel, away from the components. It is firmly fixed inside the metal outside to ensure that no water or salt or even sand infiltrates and harms it. Despite this, you have simple access into the metal ball bearing system for infrequent upkeep, and the smooth turning machine gear-pieces permit you to modify for line and throwing with no issues at all.

Line Capacity Rings: the Penn Spinfisher VI line limit rings permit you to right away observe initially how much line is staying on your spool when battling a bigger fish. The spool is set apart in 1/3, 2/3 and full line limit rings.

The reel is made out of a metal body completely: Having a full metal body on a reel implies that you don ‘t get any flex in the reel much under overwhelming burdens, for example, turning in a major stripper or bull red. Regularly when getting bigger fish, the rigging are in danger of being put under a lot of tensions.At the point, when the body of the reel is made of metal however, the rigging are ensured to remain adjusted and shielded from a mileage.

Superline spoll: The Penn Spinfisher VI super line spool implies that you can cast up to 100 miles (ca. 161 km) before you destroy this reel. While it’s difficult to understand this kind of perseverance, it implies you’ve nearly ensured an advanced reel for a long time without any malfunction or wear and tear. here aren’t that numerous elective reels out there that offer this sort of sturdiness. What’s additionally incredible about the super line spool is that the elastic ring shields your line from slipping, disposing of the need to utilize Mono as a starter if you are spooling up with a twist.

Sizes 2500-5500 have automatic bail trip: With the automatic bail trips accessible in sizes 2500-5500, you don’t need to stress over destroying your hands to close the bail of the turning reel. Rather, you can utilize the durable handle to wrench them shut, smoothing out the whole procedure.

Sizes 6500-10500 have manual bail trip: In case your somebody who is accustomed to shutting your turning reels bail by hand, the Penn Spinfisher VI is exactly what you are searching for in sizes 6500 to 10,500. While you can generally close the bail by hand on the littler arrangement of reels, I despite the fact that everything suggest shutting it by hand as it will stretch the life of your reel.

SSVI4500BLS: The PENN Spinfisher VI4500 bls highlights IPX5 fixing so whether it gets hit with a wave, or you let it ride in the shower as far as possible home, you don’t need to stress over saltwater getting into the gearbox or drag framework. Our HT-100 drag washers are housed in a completely fixed spool to give the halting force required for huge saltwater fish. A Full Metal Body and side plate keep the CNC Gear System in the exact arrangement under overwhelming burdens. Accessible in standard, Live Liner, Long Cast, and bail-less models.

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We have been differentiating the Penn Spinfisher VI with its antecedent, the Penn Spinfisher V. One of the most noteworthy contrasts between the Penn Spinfisher VI, and the Penn Spinfisher V is the expansion of the 2500 size.The Penn Spinfisher V reels have eleven distinct sizes accessible, much the same as the Penn Spinfisher VI, except for 2500. Once more, because of interest and folks needing to fish from kayaks, Penn has included the littler size 2500 for your inshore fishing.Another distinction that you’ll discover between these two Penn reel ages is the sealing limit. With the presentation of the IPX5 fixed framework to the Penn Spinfisher VI, you don’t need to stress over getting any measure of sand, salt, or soil in the rigging framework.With more seasoned ages like the Penn Spinfisher V, this was a genuine concern.Notwithstanding this fixing issue, Penn has additionally expanded the quantity of HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers included on the Penn Spinfisher VI. Peruse the full Penn Spinfisher V turning reel survey HERE.Next from Penn would be the Penn Slammer III which is a marginally pricey reel due to the IPX6 fixing framework.

On the Penn Slammer III, you get a marginally more refined form of their IPX fixing framework. As they’ve built up their items through the ages, this element has gotten more exact and equipped for keeping the components out.Size is additionally a state of contrast between the Penn Slammer III, and the Penn Spinfisher VI ranges. Once more, you can just go as low as 3500 with the Penn Slammer III. From a weighted point of view, the Penn Slammer III is a somewhat heavier reel. Peruse the full Penn Slammer III survey HERE.Venturing ceaselessly from the Penn brand for a second, I will guide you to the Shimano Spheros SW.With the Shimano Spheros SW, you have a much more extensive scope of sizes accessible. The littlest size that Shimano offers is a 5000 when contrasted with the Spinfishers 2500.

In any case, the Shimano Spheros SW goes as far as possible up to a 20,000 size, which is a great choice in case you’re out there on the sea or the sea shore performing some truly substantial responsibility fishing.While Shimano Spheros SW go offers comparable highlights, including their drag framework, fixed framework, and rigging arrangement, what maybe stands apart for us is their aluminum spool. Aluminum is an extraordinary material to use for reels, particularly the spools since it’s a lot more grounded than utilizing pass on cast aluminum or even graphite.While Penn Spinfisher VI includes a full metal body that incorporates the spool, Shimano has used aluminum on its spool for their potential benefit. In addition to the fact that it provides you with lightweight taking care of understanding however, it doesn’t settle on quality simultaneously.


  • Various sizes accessible, including the new 2500
  • New IPX5 fixed spool and body plan
  • Penn SpinFisher VI gives you the alternative of being bail-less
  • Overly even line lay


  • Paint may begin to chip sooner or later.
  • Bail arm may release after some time

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